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Thank you Fantasia Crystal Shop for helping Rose-Ellen

Rose-Ellen suddenly became acutely ill with cancer:
My name is Kevin Adams and I am Rose-Ellen's Husband.  I regret to inform you all that Rose-Ellen has multiple myeloma cancer which seems to have progressed rapidly.  Because of this, she can no longer provide any services. 

What I ask is that all pray that God will miraculously heal Rose-Ellen of her illnesses and restore her to perfect health.  As Rose-Ellen always said "Make way for miracles! "

Rose-Ellen is the "love of my life" and I know many of you love her too. For those of you who would like to help Rose-Ellen, you may send her your gift via PayPal or US Mail.  Your gifts will be used to help Rose-Ellen pay for cancer treatment. 

If any of you have the financial means and love Rose-Ellen, The exact kind of help we need to save Rose-Ellen's life and restore her to full health is a professional patient advocate like www.pinnaclecare.com . In addition we will need sufficient financial backing to efficiently follow through with their treatment recommendations.

Send PayPal gifts to re@rose-ellen.com  (don't forget the dash)

Send checks, other gifts, letters and cards for Rose-Ellen to:
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6/30/2016 #2  Another request for prayer is that I am seriously exhausted at this point. I need to borrow God's strength, wisdom and knowledge to persevere towards an outcome that is better than what is immanent as things are.

6/30/2016 #1  Rose-Ellen returns home in a few days. After much persistence I was able to arrange for two radiation treatments to help with her pain.  Don't know if the radiation will help but it is the only thing we have available.  When she returns home I don't know if it will be home hospice or home care, likely the latter.  Every time she goes to the hospital she becomes much weaker and declines.  I believe I can bring her back again and strengthen her sufficiently for chemo.  There is a slim chance that the radiation can reverse the paralysis some. Pray intensely that God will use the radiation treatments to give Rose-Ellen the use of her lower body because that would restore Rose-Ellen's dignity.  Her diagnosis has been upgraded to multiple myeloma and plasma leukemia - those are very bad terminal diagnosis with a short prognosis.  Rose-Ellen should have already passed on several occasions so God clearly has intervened thus far and has a reason for her to live.  Pray for Rose-Ellen's miraculous healing for the hospital will not take all the steps needed to give her a chance at life. I was left with an ultimatum, take Rose-Ellen home or put her in a nursing home.  We all know that I take better care of her and she gets stronger under my care; therefore, there is no other decision, I'm bringing her home.  Again, I'll state that I have used the limited resources available, such as a patient advocate and case worker. They work for the hospital and push their agenda so they have not been of much help.  Again, if their is anyone with the means and desire to help Rose-Ellen, to give her the best outcome, she needs a private advocate with the resources to get results, as well as, the means to follow through on the treatment recommendations. We are out of time, if we are to follow that route, it needs to be very soon. As far as the hospital involved, If you have a sick family member do not take them there because, In my opinion, you will get substandard care because their skill at diagnostics isn't what it should be.  Take your loved one to the Mayo clinic if you want a better chance at recovery.

6/28/2016 #1  "The Technicality"  They refuse her the drug and treatment because it is normally administered outpatient.  They are completely ignoring the special circumstances and her disability requiting it be done inpatient.  They will not let me take her home so that I can do whatever is necessary to provider her with the potentially life saving treatment she needs outpatient.  In my opinion, they are intentionally denying life saving treatment, essentially giving her a death sentence.  She could have some quality life left but they are insistent on denying us the ability to choose treatment and try for life.  The drug may or may not work but they are denying us the right to try. I called them "death mongers" for good reason earlier. The one thing I don't get is why some of you think I haven't gone to the patient advocate and case workers? They were totally useless and their goal is to do what the hospital tells them. This is why I need a private advocate and a better hospital - Rose-Ellen will die unnecessarily soon without this help that I do not have the means to obtain.  It is as simple as that.

6/27/2016 #1  It seems to me that Rose-Ellen is wrongly falling victim to an Obama Care Death Panel. Rose-Ellen could be treated but the hospital refuses to provide the medications for her treatment on what I would consider a "technicality".  In my opinion, the "technicality" violates the American's with Disabilities Act.  The facts are the treatment might work but the situation isn't perfect.  Would treatment be hopeless? Not in my opinion because there is a reasonable chance that it will help but every day they delay providing the treatment is a problem.  We are out of time, if any of you out there are wealthy and have the means to help Rose-Ellen, we need a professional patient advocate ASAP as well as the means to get Rose-Ellen into a better cancer treatment center. Without this kind of help very soon, Rose-Ellen has no hope. 

6/26/2016 #3  Rose-Ellen urgently needs a new cat to comfort her when she returns home.  Most of you know of the behavior issues we had with Mia. This time around the cat must have the right disposition and not be over 2 years old.  The cat must also be female and healthy.  No rescue cats this time, I need a healthy cat that has never been abused and will deeply bond right away with Rose-Ellen.  This is a serious survival issue for Rose-Ellen - she needs this.  I will not be taking a cat until Rose-Ellen returns home because the cat must bond with her.

6/26/2016 #2  Tomorrow is the big day, Rose-Ellen starts her cancer treatment Monday.  She was doing much better today but needs to sleep a lot.  Her appetite was down too but I usually can coax her to eat and drink and will try again tomorrow before the Chemo.

6/26/2016 #1  Rose-Ellen is not a sick puppy to be "put to sleep"!   Now that I have your attention, I have a few comments about Hospice care and how "Obama Care" does its best to aggressively promote death.  As in Rose-Ellen's case, the prognosis you are given is not "prophecy" and might prove to be wrong! Your loved one is not an animal to be mercifully destroyed.  Hospice care is no guarantee your loved one will have a "comfortable" death.  In my opinion, the Hospice providers do not care how your loved one dies just as long as they die sooner than later.  Your loved one may not be clearly thinking and can't make such an important decision.  Don't fall for the "They said that was what they wanted" speech. It is your job to protect your loved one if they are impaired and I suggest you tell the "death mongers" to back off when they do their best to push your loved one over the edge.  There is always time for life.  Do not let them directly speak with your impaired loved one.  If I knew then what I know now, my conscience would have prevailed and we never would have considered this option..  Regrettably Rose-Ellen is at the same Hospital and I am doing my best to be her advocate and keep her alive long enough to be treated for the cancer.  I happen to have some medical training and know how to keep someone alive, question Doctors and Nurses, they are not divine and they make many mistakes that your loved one pays for. For example, pink urine is never "normal" and is always a sure sign something is very wrong.  Unfortunately, you must be there at the hospital as much as possible and watch everything if you want your loved one to live.  I strongly suggest that you sleep in the room with the patient because the worst mistakes seem to occur at night. When they are given medication always ask what the medication is and what it is for before they take it. 

6/25/2016 #1   Thank you Fantasia Crystal Shop for loving and doing your best to help Rose-Ellen. 

6/24/2016 #3  By popular request, I have re-posted Rose-Ellen's "vision" that was originally posted 6/2/2106.  During the height of her worst pain, Rose-Ellen had what I believe to be a genuine "vision" of Yeshua Ha Moshiac. That is the actual Hebrew name for the Messiah of the Jews that most people would know as Jesus Christ.  I call it a "vision" because I don't have a better word to describe it. What is most interesting about this is that the "vision" contained religious symbology, for which, Rose-Ellen did not have the knowledge.  Rose-Ellen also had no connection with Yeshua at all till this "vision".  The "vision" started in something like a movie theater and on the screen was Yeshua descending from the clouds. The way she described the imagery it sounds like an image of the "second coming" to me.  Rose-Ellen was in the audience among what can be best described as very dark spiritual entities, "shadow people", that were mocking and cursing Yeshua.  Rose-Ellen became very angry with what was happening and stood up to defend Yeshua despite not knowing Him.  Yeshua's legs were bleeding and after she defended Him she felt His kindness and goodness at which point the drops of blood from Yeshua's legs began falling on her and she was covered by them.  After she was covered in His blood, Yeshua told her He had to do that so she could be forgiven and be with Him. In effect, Yeshua chose her after she defended Him.  I shared this for those of you that have faith and might be moved by the imagery of what she told me.  This "vision" had a great impact on Rose-Ellen before she became too sick to understand or fully remember.  I am glad that she described it to me right after it happened.  Yeshua exposed Himself to Rose-Ellen in Hebrew terms because she is a daughter of Abraham.

6/24/2016 #2  Rose=Ellen begins treating the cancer Monday. Pray that the treatment is soon enough to reverse the paralysis.  Yahweh, please have mercy on us and use the doctors to heal Rose-Ellen soon.

6/24/2016 #2  I need prayer for God to give me the wisdom, knowledge and strength to navigate what is before us; please, pray for that in addition to Rose-Ellen's healing. We are going to treat Rose-Ellen's cancer and I am happy we are at least making an attempt because I never agreed with her choice to do hospice. No guarantees but, at least, she is willing to try now. Oncologist saw her today and the prognosis isn't perfect at this point but it seems clear we should try to treat.  I have a lot of red tape to deal with the next few days because nothing seems to go easily with this.  In addition to the red tape, the cost to treat will be much higher because we will not have the free medications and other items we had with hospice.  I don't know how we will pay for everything long term so we are trusting God to provide. The odds of reversing the paralysis are not good so hopefully God has a miracle or two for us.  The plastic surgeon said that we should wait and give the bed sores more time to heal on their own.  I also need God to give me good health because I am exhausted and I came down with a sore throat today.

6/23/2016 #1  As of 6AM she is till delirious but she is expected to survive baring something unforeseen. Right now infection is being brought under control and they will remove dead tissue from bed sores.  After that is cancer treatment. That is all I know for now, more this afternoon or evening.  She is in no condition for visitors.  If anyone is scheduled to visit in next few days please cancel. Today I have to pick an Oncologist from very little information, I'll just have to make my best guess from referrals people have given me. I don't have a lot of time for posts at moment so I apologize in advance for typographical errors over the next few days.

6/22/2016 #2  Rose-Ellen is in ICU due to the urinary infection and a 104 fever.  Unfortunately, I did not have a choice about where and the paramedics took her to Honor Health Shea hospital.  I will let you know more when I can. 

6/22/2016 #1  The previous post got a lot of reactions from people.  Right now we are attempting to determine what is the best way to proceed and if treatment of the cancer is a viable option now.  Frankly, the doctors could communicate better and be more helpful.  I have to be careful as to how I proceed because I can't have an interruption in Rose-Ellen's medications, that would be very very bad.  Being that the prognosis was less than accurate, I need to know exactly what I'm dealing with.  Getting that information is proving difficult and that impairs progress.  We need a professional patient advocate like the wealthy use but that is financially out of our grasp. Exactly what Rose-Ellen needs to get the best care is something like www.pinnaclecare.com .  If there is someone with the financial means that desires to help Rose-Ellen, an advocate like Pinnacle Care and the financial means to efficiently obtain the care recommended are exactly what we need. That is what will save Rose-Ellen's life and otherwise restore her to a good quality of life.

6/20/2016 #1  Rose-Ellen has decided to try to live and agreed to try treatment.  Under my care her thinking has improved and that is the first truly normal thinking I have heard from her in a long while. I never wanted to do hospice and I'll do my best and then some to help her choose life.  It could be too late but we will see and take it day by day.  This is the first light I have had in this living nightmare. This will also be a very difficult path and I'm already exhausted but I trust God to provide.  I need prayers that God will pave the way for us to get to the right doctors the first time.  If there is any way possible we are going to Mayo Clinic this time.  In my opinion, a veterinary's office would have been more effective than the first hospital we went to.

6/19/2016 #1  This ordeal has made me realize that a lot of people have huge misconceptions about what Hospice care in or out patient is really about, especially, since Obama Care put serious restrictions on what is paid for.  Below are several issues most people have serious misconceptions:

What is the purpose of Hospice?  Hospice is only about comfort to death and not treatment!

Doesn't Medicare pay for 6 months of inpatient hospice? That is the most common misconception I hear and it is not true, especially, since the implementation of Obama care.

If I do at home Hospice, won't nurses and health care workers will be at my home every day to take care of the terminally ill patient?  Absolutely not. At home Hospice provides support in equipment, advice and medication; that is their main role.  A nurse will only be by a time or two per week or for urgent issues. In addition a CNA will come twice a week to help with bathing and hygiene issues. If you will be the only care giver at home, be prepared for all the care you will need to provide because it can be like taking care of a 120 pound baby like my case.  It will take all your time 24/7 and can be physically and emotionally exhausting if the patient is immobile because of paralysis or other reasons.

Are the Doctors still involved with treatment?  Hospice is comfort care and not treatment!  You likely will never see a doctor.  The Hospice has a Doctor but whom you see is a Nurse and things are often not treated if they think death is near, especially, if treatment would be invasive.

I'll speak more on these issues later but I thought I would address the most common misconceptions I have heard from people so far.  I hope none of you are ever forced to be in this kind of situation.

6/18/2016 #1  Because Rose-Ellen seems to have been improving somewhat under my care, I will be contacting her primary care doctor to see about having Rose-Ellen examined so we can have a more accurate prognosis and, hopefully, determine the most appropriate care.  Do I think she will recover?  No, not without a miracle from God.  What I do know is that the prognosis I was given on June 1st has proven to not be exactly accurate.  In the end I think that I will have just had a little more time with Rose-Ellen but what I need to know now is exactly what we should expect from this point.